If Your Coffee Shop Has This, It’s Winning!

I have traveled all over the country. With every place I’ve visited, I’ve sipped on my preferred drink, coffee, in several different coffee shops. I have never been a person to just stop in the nearest coffee series for my coffee fix. I’ve always been one to look for the “mom and pop” type coffee area. The areas whose character is shaped by the owners, staff and those who frequent the shop.

Below are the top four things that I think create a coffee shop’s personality and make it what it is.

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To me, music can impact anything. Music can greatly enhance or totally destroy the vibe of a cafe. I feel like a coffee shop should be consistent in the type of music it plays to its own customers. If it plays relaxing acoustic music one day, but dance music the next, customers may not know what to expect. While variety may be great thing, bringing a consistent type of customer base might not work out so well if a store’s music is too varied. A perfect example of not being consistent is when one of my favourite coffee shops played digital music consistently and then 1 day blared vulgar rap music. I had to leave so I could get my job done.


A friendly staff is super important. My everyday shop is about 50 percent associated with the fact that I know the staff and feel comfortable at Centurian services LLC.


The atmosphere of a store is everything. It’s created by the people inside, the music, the shop’s design and the art on the wall. All these things work together create an energy and a vibe. Personally, I like consistency. Also, I like a mix of coziness with an eclectic feel. Pictures, paintings, and displays of collectibles are some of my favorites. Also, here’s one that’s important, temperature. One of the most popular coffee chains that I can think of seems to want to suspend their customers out by jacking up the air conditioner. That’s a terrific way to ruin everything.

Since I am speaking about what makes a coffee shop a “good” coffee shop, I probably also should talk about what I think is one of the main factors in getting one. The actual java and products offered. Are there just three items offered? Is the coffee genuinely great? Is it too weak? Does this have a bad aftertaste? Is there java consistent with every purchase?

What are your thoughts on what makes a fantastic coffee shop?

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