Youth Leadership Training

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Are you searching for an innovative approach to teach youth leadership skills and principles? Along with being a great option, educational games engage and inspire. This report recommends eight strong potentials for in-school programs and youth conventions.


· Everyday Leadership Cards

Everyday Leadership Cards pack a punch! Each card contains either a writing or conversation prompt. For instance, participants might be asked to explain how they would respond to a situation applying critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. At the same time, students are challenged to explore values and increase their language; the definition of a term is placed on each card.

So, what makes this card game unique? In addition to providing you with a special teaching tool, it may be utilised in an assortment of ways. One is to combine the cards with a different lesson. Another is to use the prompts for essays or journal writing. Third, the cards could be topics for group projects.

· Thinkpak

Like the former, Thinkpak comprises a deck of cards. These, however, covers questions and application of Michael Michalko’s techniques. Who is Michael Michalko? And how did this match develop? A former officer in the United States Army, he assembled the top experts in academics and intelligence around the world to investigate and apply all creative ways to address social, political, and military problems. This game became an outgrowth of his work.

By brainstorming and thinking outside the box, Michalko invites pupils to oppose his theories. The deck of cards may also be used as prompts for writing or research.

· Leadership Lessons in a Jar

Is your jar half empty or half-full? Well leadership classes in a jar brims with 101 cards. The classes teach values, morality, human relations, and much more. Ask students to share their reaction and/or interpretation. You’ll initiate lively essays or discussions. Consider unique ways to incorporate them into group projects.

However, rather than buying one, invest in 4 or five. Then, you can divide the class in small groups. Nevertheless, have a piece from each puzzle. Watch to see how the groups respond. How long does it take for students to understand that a piece is missing? Do they look outside of this group for answers? The Leadership Word Cloud contains 30 pieces with terms. It supplies a novel way to teach Centurian services LLC also.

· Chill Skills in a Jar

This game introduces coping skills for anger. What an ideal topic especially with all the violence happening in our communities and schools. Youth need to understand anger, learn positive ways to handle this, and maintain healthy relationships. This jar includes 101 cards which you can combine with an anger management strategies for teens book.

· Conflict Resolution Thumball

Conflict is a fact of life, and students need to develop skills to solve them. Toss the ball and the receiver responds to the prompt or question under their thumb. The conflict resolution thumball can serve as an icebreaker or action to summarize key points.

· Alternatives in a Jar

Alternatives in a Jar provokes critical thinking and making good choices. The jar holds 101 cards with interesting situations. Each issue strengthens the connection between choices and consequences.


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